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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Wish

Note: This story is under the "Cryptic" category, meaning you have to think a little to understand it.
I'll give you one explanation for it later in the comments below.


A star descended to a little girl.
'Anything you wish I will grant it to you, but only for once,' said the star.
The girl had been crying.
'Please make everyone in my family disappear! I really hate them!'
The next morning when she woke up she went downstairs to the dining room but her mother, her father and her big brother were all there as usual.
The girl was sorry that she made such a wish.
That evening the star appeared to her again.
'Are you happy now?' asked the star.
 The girl said, 'please, can I take back the wish I made yesterday?'
The star said, 'once a wish has been fulfilled you can not take it back.'
The girl cried.

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