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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Walls Have Voices

So this story happened...Eh...About 3 years ago. I had 2 of my friends spend the night. Back then we were looking at anything as a challenge so, we decided to head to the back room/storage room which is where the connection/opening is for the electricians and that stuff for the to get into the walls. I'll just call it the hole. So anyway, we went down there to play with my nerf guns (lol) and I went down there first to hide for an ambush on them and I swear on my life I hear the little pitter patter of feet in the hole and when I turn back I could hear the voice of a little girl asking for help and the gruff voice of an old man. At this point I was scared half to death so I ran back to my friends and that was the end of it.
Days past and my dad asked me to go get some medical stuff from storage to I go down grab the stuff and hear whistling noises coming from the hole, and being an 11 year old I bolted out of there and got back up to my dad who was waiting for me impatiently and all I could say was sorry. Because they didn't believe our house was haunted because they only do things when the parents aren't there, am I right?
So we still live in the same house and my friends swear up and down that they've heard the gruff voice of a man and thumping footsteps in the storage area. Coincidence? Maybe not but all I know is that every now and then you can hear breathing from the air vents and I've even thought to have heard a small scream, Spooky huh? But you know we all have our stories and this is one of mine respect to all of you that read this and understand.

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