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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Ghost Photograph

'We're gonna take ghost photos!' We announced, and boldly made a trip to a haunted place.

There were four of us ( four stupid guys) in the group and, with a digital camera and mobiles in hand, we took pictures of every suspicious-looking corner of the place.
On coming home we immediately checked all the pictures on my computer but not even one of them had captured the faintest shadow of a ghost. And we took nearly one hundred of them! lol

In desperation, I used a group photo with four of us (all stupid-looking) in it and using Photoshop, superimposed this really scary ghost face on top. A fake ghost photo, successfully produced!

I showed it to another friend, and he looked at it and said: 'you....this is for real, man.'
He then went really pale. Idiot! lol

Note : they didn't bring tripod 

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