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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Singing Girl

One night, my friend Carla and I decided to spend the night at our friend Rennae's house, which was located in Union City, California. That night we were just hanging out in Rae's upstairs den - playing video games, chatting, watching movies, and other things. That's also where we spent the night and we were near the railing of the stairs.
Around midnight to 1 am when we all began getting tired, Rennae decided to share some secrets about her house, which she has never shared with anyone before. She told us that she always had strange feelings about living there, whether she'd be alone during the day/night, or with her family. There was something in that house that seemed to make her feel very uneasy.
She told us that she suspected that her house was haunted, because it belonged to someone who might have passed away a long time ago. During the past few years, (she lived about 4 or 5 years in that house) - she's heard many strange noises, especially at night. Noises that included consecutive scratching on the walls, objects being moved from a distance, and even footsteps. However, there was one noise in particular that seemed to disturb her the most. She described the noise to be what sounded like a little girl singing.
Carla and I joked about her lying for a while but at the same time, we did somewhat believe her--because she wasn't the type of person who would lie/joke about these things. After talking about it we all dozed off around 1:30 am.
About an hour later, I heard something strange coming from downstairs. Since we were sleeping near the railing, it seemed like it was coming right from the bottom of it. I would describe the sound as the shuffling of footsteps/distant whispering of a person. I covered my head with my blanket, started getting cold sweat on the palms of my hands, and stayed quiet. (I thought to myself, maybe if I just ignore it, it'll stop.) The noise went on and it seemed like the more I ignored it the louder it became.
I couldn't take it anymore so I woke up Carla and asked her if she could hear the footsteps or whispering too--or if I was just going crazy. We listened quietly and the noise continued. Carla and I just looked at each other shocked at what we were hearing. We both decided to wake up Rennae and we tell her about the noises we heard. It scared us even more because the noises we were hearing were the exact noises Rennae has been hearing for the last few years. Although, it seemed like Rennae had become used to it because she wasn't as shocked as we were. We all sat up and listened for a few minutes, and immediately afterwards everything just became quiet. We looked towards the stairs and nothing but pitch black was at the bottom.
Then, after a couple of minutes... That's when we heard the sound of a little girl singing. We couldn't really hear the words she was singing but what we do know was that she was singing parts of a song--like a singer who only remembers some words of a song. During those minutes of listening to her sing, we were all frozen solid just glaring at each other with our jaws completely dropped. I was honestly about to cry because I hadn't felt so terrified in my life.
The little girl had eventually stopped singing and after that there was nothing but silence once again. From that moment on until morning came, we ended up sleeping together on the same couch, which was away from the stairs so we wouldn't have to see the downstairs from where we were sleeping.
The next morning, Rennae decided to move out and stay with one of us for a while until she found another place to live. We never knew who or if anyone decided to move in at that house next. For all we know now it could be abandoned due to the number of hauntings that might have taken place.
From that day on, the only thing that remained in our minds was that creepy song that little girl sung. Sharing this with you gives me shivers all over because all I could think of is that creepy song...
Thanks for reading and I hope none of you have to ever encounter a thing like this.

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