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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Story from a Ghost

NOTE : I'm not the author of this story
Last night I dreamed about a child ghost!
According to the ghost, "the ghost you see in the dream is often a real ghost."

And he also said:
Ghosts love quiet places and so they often appear in houses with only one person living in it.
So what would they then do?
They have no intention of scaring the inhabitant, apparently, but only want to do things like watch TV together.

But it seems like ghosts sometimes unintentionally let themselves be seen at the moment of appearing and disappearing.

Therefore, for example, at the moment when the human switches off the TV to get ready for bed the ghost may also tries to disappear, and in the process of doing so its image sometimes inadvertently gets refleted on the TV screen. If the human happens to be looking towards its direction, then the ghost tries its best not to betray its presence - said the ghost.

But if the human persisted in looking suspiciously in its direction the ghost would be dismayed and think that it had been spotted, and it would stay hovering around the human until he or she falls asleep.
What should we do...?

I personally think that the thing about "the ghost in the dream being a real ghost" might be true, because they say you never dream things that you haven't experienced in real life. Although you can dream things you have seen in horror movies.

And the child ghost also said:
When you wake up halfway through dreaming about an encounter with a ghost, that ghost too comes to the real world and then you will be able to catch a glimpse of it for a brief second.
And if that happens in the middle of the night no harm will be done to you; but if it happens when the sun is already up, the ghost (for a reason I don't know) will turn demonic and before long you will be cursed to death or something terrible will happen to you.

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