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Friday, February 10, 2012

Ouija Board Experience

I had never done a Ouija board before and my cousin encouraged us to engage in this experience. I must admit, I was very afraid. I had heard many stories about spirits and ghosts and previously, I'm certain, had experience with my uncle who had passed away from cancer, just visiting, I'm sure to check that I was okay.
So anyway, this was my first time engaging with the spirits. My cousin told me all the rules and that if I did not believe, it would not work. For it to work, we had to blow on a silver coin both sides and place our finger on the coin in the centre of our own made Ouija board without putting pressure on the coin.
The first spirit we spoke to, I did not know whether to believe or not. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I thought my cousin was putting pressure on the coin and it was a joke as it first spelled: S8N. As in Satan.
One of the rules of a Ouija board is if it starts to go through the alphabet in order it wants to enter our world. This happened a lot that night. Not a great start to my first Ouija board experience and I was afraid that night. To sleep. To do anything.
Later in the night as I lay there, I had been asleep for only an hour and the loud noises of my aunty woke me up, the whole house went dark and I tried very hard to go back to sleep. I suddenly felt cold and felt the foot of the bed sink as if someone was sitting on my bed. I woke up almost everybody in the house and they told me it was all in my head. Still afraid, I made my other cousin sleep in the bed with my sister and myself. The bed began to sink again, and I knew that something was there but was too afraid to look. The next morning, I asked my sister if she felt the bed sink and she agreed.
This is just a basic story of a Ouija board experience. Feel free to leave comments with any questions or opinions about my experience that you would like to express.

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