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Friday, February 10, 2012

Different from the dream

A girl dreamt she was being chased by a stranger. The girl ran and ran, shouting for help, but soon she was caught and knifed to death. She woke up screaming.

One day she was strolling in a park, when she spotted a man walking towards her. To her shock, he looked exactly like the man who murdered her in her dream. She panicked and ran straight to a nearby telephone box to call her friend, thinking she could get help. The man, while she was still on the phone, walked right past her. The girl, relieved, got out of the telephone box and started walking again. But she was astonished to find that once again the same man was coming towards her. Her heart was beating hard and her hands turned clammy with cold sweat. She was aware that this time she had nowhere to hide. She looked down and tried to walk quickly past him. And then, just as they passed each other, the girl heard the man mutter under his breath; “Why the hell is it different from the dream?”

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