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Monday, January 23, 2012

The woman who called my name

This is the first story I've ever written on here so, I'm very rusty! Anyway, I'll crack on. Now, this is a story that happened to me when I was 11 or 12. The house that I live in is approximately 120 years old, so ghosts or spirits are about. I say this, only because of my experiences.
I had finished school earlier that day, when I got home I had a game of Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64! What a game! Anyway, when I come off it I decided to put my Walkman on and was listening to some of my favourite music. I had listened to this song many of times and this was a usual routine. Play my games then listen to music.
This day, I was walking from my bedroom into my mums room, to see if I could find my mum. I had a feeling my mum or dad was in their room. I didn't hear them or see them but I just had a feeling someone was in their room. As I walked in, I didn't see anyone but, I started to feel something on my face. It felt like I had walked into a spiders web. As I wiped my face I heard someone say, "Matty Help me". I jumped because this voice was right next to my ear but, I Had a feeling that the voice originated outside.
I then walked to the bedroom window and looked out to see anyone, no one was about. Then, I heard "Matty help me" again, and the same thing happened, it was right in my ear. I froze and realised what had happened. Originally, I thought it had come outside, even though the voice was very close to my ear, I just had an incline that it had come from outside.
When the voice repeated itself for the second time, I knew that this voice wasn't from someone of this realm! I immediately ran downstairs to find my mum, I asked her if she has been calling me. She said no, she was cooking my tea. When I explained to her about has happened, my mum didn't know what to say apart from, "STOP PLAYING THOSE BLOODY VIDEO GAMES!".
My mum has had some spiritual experiences in the past so I was surprised that my mum said that to me. I guess she was trying to help me by not scaring me. I hope you enjoyed my story and I'll be posting more in the future.

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