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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Noises in my room

It was a hot summer night in my town (near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina). I was alone at my home - my dad, sister and mom went to Ostrog (a monastery/holy place) in Montenegro. My family and 99% of population in my town follows Christian Orthodox religion. I (being an atheist) refused to go with my family since I do NOT believe in god, devil, angels, demons, hell, heaven, ghosts, magic or anything that has not been documented, so I just stayed at my house.
Of course, I did invite some of my friends and a few girls just enough to have a small house party. I don't want to talk to you about the party or my family being away from home so I am just going to skip to the interesting part.
After all of my friends were gone, I cleaned (some of) my house and went to bed, turned on the TV and watched some boring show. I felt I was falling asleep so I turned the TV off and closed my eyes. After a good half an hour of turning and twisting in my bed, I heard a noise coming from the direction of my TV, I wasn't suprised nor scared, TVs do make some wierd sounds so I didn't even think about it. After 2 minutes the closet, which location is approximately 3 feet away from my bed, made such a sharp and clean sound that I immediately jumped out of my bed and turned the lights on, expecting someone would jump out of the closet and slit my throat but, nothing happened. I stared at the closet for 3 minutes, trying to encourage myself to open the closet door, which I did and there was nothing in the closet, aside my clothes. I felt like I was going insane, I even sat on my bed holding my arms on my ears and questioning myself "am I going insane" because that closet DID make a really sharp sound, like someone (or something) was scraping really strong and sharp nails inside of it.
After 20 minutes of questioning and encouraging myself I turned my lights off and went back to bed. I managed to fall asleep after only 5 minutes, but that didn't last long. I woke up, covered (or should I say, FLOATING) in sweat, shaking and with such a fear inside of me that I have never experienced before in my whole life. I looked at my closet and I swear there were two green dots (something like cats eyes in dark) in my closet. The closet doors were open and there were no clothes, just two light green dots standing still.
The next thing I remember is me waking up, the sun was up and I felt pretty good. The closet door were closed and I just thought "it must have been a dream". The next few days I had trouble to sleep, there were no sounds but I was so afraid to sleep in my own room, but after a few days it was all over and my life continued normally. To this day, I am still not sure if all that was just a dream, or there really was something in my room.
You have my word I have NOT made this up, everything that I wrote here is truly what happened, or what I really believe it happened, because I am still not sure if this was all just a dream or my imagination.
Sorry about my English, I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina so English is not my native language.

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