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Sunday, January 22, 2012

News in the midnight

About ten years ago I turned on the TV around 2:30 am. Sure enough , all I saw on the screen were colour bars and there was no sign of anything coming up soon. I was about to give up and go to bed when suddenly the colour bars disappeared from the screen, and some place that looked like a dumping ground appeared instead.

Together with the image, the words "NNN The News Bulletin" popped up at the top. For a while the screen continued to show the same dumping ground, viewed from a distance.

I carried on watching it, wondering what it was. Soon a lot of names started appearing, moving slowly up from the bottom of the screen, like end credits of a movie; and a monotonous voice read out these names one by one.
So it went on for the next five minutes or so, against a quiet, gloomy music in the background.
Finally when all the names had been said, the voice announced; "They are tomorrow's victims. Goodnight."

Ever since then I'm too scared to watch anything on TV past midnight.
And no one has ever believed my story either.

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